Episode 6: McAgency - A Not Very Happy Meal

Live from Advertising Week: We dump all over McDonald's CMO and DDB's CEO who insult an audience and waste our time with a PR event disguised as information about the latest "Agency of the Future." A disgrace.

Episode 5: How Advertising Works

Podcasting almost live from Advertising Week NY, we discuss the Day One session called "How Advertising Works."

Episode 4: Who Made You The Boss?

The Ad Contrarian blog is now 9-years-old. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss where it came from, why it exists, and answer the burning questions "who made you the boss?" and "have you always been this kind of an asshole?" (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.)

Episode 3: The Empire Strikes Back

In this special double-length episode, we discuss the the ramifications of the ANA report on agency transparency, the 4A's response to the report, and why we were too fucking stupid to figure out how to pull these scams off when we had the chance.

Episode 2: Who's Going To Jail?

In Episode 2 of The Ad Contrarian Show podcast we discuss the status, causes, and potential ramifications of the ANA investigation of the ad business.

And also Bob's dating failures.

Episode 1: Planners Talking Bullshit

(UPDATE: The video alluded to in this post and podcast has since been edited by the owners removing some of the heinous silliness.)

The recent Ad Contrarian blog post "Kinda Like Holistic Innovative Thinking" got a lot of attention and a few good laughs because of the video we berated.

In this, the first episode of The Ad Contrarian Show podcast, we discuss it in depth. Before you listen to the podcast, be sure to view the video we're talking about here.